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credit to mz_neena@livejournal.com
sorry for taking this without proper credit
i want to show it to my friend.
to my friend, hope you like it.


Leeteuk Birthday

this is advertising for Leeteuk birthday
with same link: http://sj-world.net

this project are conducted by Super Junior ELF Forum (English based)
feel free to take a look.

Heechul Birthday

I got This from SJ-World.net
feel free to visit this website.
it is a forum about ELF with English based

go here: http://sj-world.net


Just want to say hi
i don't know how to handle this journal

and im quiet a lazy person who does not really
know what should i update.

em.. if you have anything to ask about Malaysia
or anything that might i can help you about
just message me.

nice to know you all



i'm from malaysia.
i like korean songs and japanese movies.
what should i do...
i want to marry someone from korea or japan.
does anyone want to marry me?
ahaks ;p


i just finish my final exam. tired already but still have time to surf internet. ahaks. well i really like to be here at GPCL coz i can download almost everything. hahahah.. i like suju, and now i like top big bang.
top like someone that i really like in my entire life. 
but, he does'nt luv me. even like me.

what should i do?

just waiting for someone to rescue me.




 very tired
i'm very tired this week because i have games. 
i played volleyball and handball which i dun played it before for the whole of my life,
hehehehe... what happen?
i got injured at both of my knee.
falling down while defend the goal. well i'm the goal keeper for hand ball.
unfortunately, we lost for both games. ahaks
sad actually.
so, what do you think?